About Living Stone

Having been born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Django spent years exploring, observing and developing an aesthetic that expresses a deep respect for harmony between human kind and this amazing medium. After a several year run in Culinary School and restaurants he was drawn out of the kitchen and into the building trades. It was here that the opportunity to ‘play’ with stone grew.

Surrounded by a family of artists, he was able to tap into a reservoir of creativity and inspiration.

Django has also found inspiration in many other gifted and talented people. Some of these are Andy Goldsworthy (British sculpture), Harvey Fite (Opus 40 creator), Michael Reynolds (eco architect).

This, in combination with a fondness for working with the earth has led Django to a lifelong connection to stone.

Human beings have been working with stone for millennia. The evidence they have left behind is fascinating. This fascination has lead Django to delve into the world of these ancient builders. Django is currently a member of NEARA, New England’s Antiquities Research Association, a group dedicated to the study and preservation of New England’s stone sites.